Hüttener Berge Nature Park

The nature park is located in the triangle of cities Eckernförde – Rendsburg – Schleswig.

The unique terminal moraine landscape formed by the ice age with the typical Knicks and Redder of this region is a gem for locals and tourists.
It is the smallest of the four nature parks in the Rendsburg-Eckernförde district (along with NP Aukrug, NP Westensee and NP Schlei).

The Hüttener Berge are framed by the Kiel Canal, the Sorgwohlder Binnendünen with the Ochsenweg, the Schleiregion and the Baltic Sea with the idyllic small town of Eckernförde.

Many lakes, forests, moors and “The mountains” offer recreation seekers opportunities for hiking, biking, climbing, paddling and enjoy.

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The Aschberg is a 98 m above sea level. NN high elevation in the Hüttener Berge Nature Park in Schleswig-Holstein. It is located in the municipality of Ascheffel.
In good weather, the view reaches as far as the Baltic Sea.
The Nature Park Trail, which connects five nature parks in Schleswig-Holstein for hikers, runs over the Aschberg.

At the highest point of the Aschberg, at the back of the Panorama Hotel, there is a stone circle. On the stones are the names of the 20 municipalities of the surrounding nature park Hüttener Berge.

In addition to the romantic hilly landscape around the Aschberg, numerous forests, lakes, the Schlei River and the North and Baltic Seas are within easy reach. Here you can go hiking, biking, paddling and sailing on the Baltic Sea.

Attractions & experiences in the surroundings

Climbing wall

Directly next to the main entrance to our Panorama Hotel is the approx. 20 meter high observation tower with seven floors. The viewing platform offers a wonderful 360° view of the Hüttener Berge Nature Park. On the back of the tower there is a climbing wall just as high.


Explore Schleswig-Holstein on foot. Well-signposted routes along both coasts or in the inland region offer optimal conditions for running, walking or hiking.

Consoled the motto: “Wanderbares Schleswig-Holstein”.

Water sports

Water sports Schlei region means sailing in an idyllic area, anchoring in quiet bays and mooring in small harbors. The Baltic Sea fjord Schlei is about 40 kilometers long and offers excellent conditions for water sports.

High Ropes Course

Here, families, groups and individuals can swing from tree to tree on more than 100 climbing elements, 30 ropeways and wobbly suspension bridges, at heights of up to 25m, climb to the treetops or whiz through the air on a mountain board. An experience for the whole family.


Wide flat land, 13 developed long-distance cycle routes, many regional routes and tailwind – Schleswig-Holstein offers the best conditions for a cycling vacation.
Cycling to enjoy. No noise. No rush. Only silence. Far and wide. Everything is well signposted. Delightful.

Sea water wave pool

For those who can’t get enough of water, the seawater wave pool in Eckernförde is the perfect place to go. The younger ones among you will get their money’s worth while romping in the play pool or the seawater wave pool. For those who value relaxation, the modern sauna area is an oasis of recreation. An absolute highlight is the “Hot Spot” sauna with sea view.

Candy cookery

In the traditional candy factory in Eckernförde, you will experience the creation of the most delicious sweets up close. The sugar is cooked on an open fire in a copper kettle, giving it a very special flavor. In addition to the classic products, the candy cookery also offers special and unusual creations.

Viking settlement

The Viking Museum Haithabu in Busdorf shows the Viking culture in a modern and child-friendly way. On the historical open-air site there are seven Viking houses as well as a landing bridge, which catapult you directly into the life of the Vikings. In addition to the permanent exhibition, visitors are always offered special exhibitions and varied events. For the physical well-being is provided in the Haithabu Café.

Shopping in the region

Not only the distinctive landscape in the true north can score with its versatility, but also our shopping facilities. There is something for everyone here: from charming old towns with small, individual stores, to shopping streets where you can find the well-known fashion chains and department stores, to shopping centers that offer simply everything from A to Z. Whether you’re in the mood for a leisurely shopping spree or a shopping marathon, you certainly won’t go home with empty bags in Schleswig-Holstein.

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